A new print to benefit for Queer & Trans prisoner solidarity


A vibrant giclee print from a papercut original, centered on ascension, flight, and freedom, now available in the Etsy shop.

-spectacular archival pigment inks on 8×10″ heavy acid free/archival paper

-each print is signed & shipped flat

-paper is lightly textured, 30% post-consumer recycled, milled with a sustainable forestry focus, and made with renewable energy

-40 percent of the proceeds from this print will be split between two organizations doing solidarity work for queer and trans people in prison: Black and Pink (based in Boston) and HAVOQ’s Prison Abolition & Prisoner Solidarity Workgroup (based in San Francisco).

From Black and Pink:
Our organizing efforts are guided by a larger goal of collective liberation. We hold strong to a feminist, anti-racist, queer liberationist, anti-capitalist, radical analysis of social, ecological, and economic struggles. We understand the prison industrial complex to be part of a larger system that utilizes systems of oppression to divide people and exploit our individual and collective power. Through movement building and sustained direct action against these systems of violence we will create the world we dream of. www.blackandpink.org

From HAVOQ’s Prison Abolition & Prisoner Solidarity Workgroup believes that “making a real life connection based in friendship, support and solidarity with someone behind bars is one of the most important ways to fight the prison and criminalization systems, which is *designed* to isolate folks from their families and communities.” www.sfprideatwork.org

Thanks, as always, for your support!


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There’s a peculiar thrill that goes with watching radical/anti-imperialist thoughts and organizations thrive. With so many forces constantly pushing from opposite (and similar, even) directions, marks of success – be they organizational or societal – should be applauded, celebrated, and supported, though too often, all the nitty gritty work that goes into making/creating/sustaining change is incredibly challenging. Or heart-breaking. Or nail-biting. We have landlords. We have legislation. We have police and military. We have internal conflicts. There’s so much work to be done. All. The. Time.

There’s resiliency in struggle. I see it every time a prisoner gets released, a fundraising goal is met, a piece of horrible legislation is overturned, a queer bashes back, a housing developer is thwarted, or a project figures out a new, creative way to thrive.

Argot was started in solidarity. It took years of internal debate of how art might/can contribute to a greater good, and, moreover, how it might have some agency in supporting my ideas and political beliefs in a tangible way. I’ve been able to advocate for people, projects and organizations with volunteer hours, demonstrations, speaking and listening….but, rarely am I able to offer financial support. Argot is my attempt at filling that gap, while simultaneously nurturing my own creative inclinations.

lex non scripta

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