noun \ˈär-gət, -(ˌ)gō\: an often more or less secret vocabulary and idiom peculiar to a particular group
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Hungry for art prints with a political consciousness? Argot donates 20 percent of each print sale to a chosen charity/cause/organization. Get a little somethin’ while giving back!

Argot Printshop loves queers, anti-imperialists, POC, fatties, immigrants/emigrates, sex workers, transformative justice, radical politics, and animals. Hopefully you do, too.
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Argot is a one person factory, helmed by Lex Non Scripta. Lex Non Scripta is a hermetic yet affable queerion who was raised in a land of mystical unicorns, captivating books with never enough words, and illustrative dreams that were perpetually pushing their own boundaries. In fact, Lex still dwells there, although now their world is sprinkled with a glittery coating of ever-transgressive politics, urban gardening, art theory/criticism/love/making, technological distractions, bike grease, power tools, and a near constant battle with dominant power structures. Lex loves gender-neutral bathrooms, overflowing bookshelves, sweet people with sharp tongues, kitchen gadgets, unexpected shows of creativity in public spaces, zines & small press, and, of course, you.