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There’s a peculiar thrill that goes with watching radical/anti-imperialist thoughts and organizations thrive. With so many forces constantly pushing from opposite (and similar, even) directions, marks of success – be they organizational or societal – should be applauded, celebrated, and supported, though too often, all the nitty gritty work that goes into making/creating/sustaining change is incredibly challenging. Or heart-breaking. Or nail-biting. We have landlords. We have legislation. We have police and military. We have internal conflicts. There’s so much work to be done. All. The. Time.

There’s resiliency in struggle. I see it every time a prisoner gets released, a fundraising goal is met, a piece of horrible legislation is overturned, a queer bashes back, a housing developer is thwarted, or a project figures out a new, creative way to thrive.

Argot was started in solidarity. It took years of internal debate of how art might/can contribute to a greater good, and, moreover, how it might have some agency in supporting my ideas and political beliefs in a tangible way. I’ve been able to advocate for people, projects and organizations with volunteer hours, demonstrations, speaking and listening….but, rarely am I able to offer financial support. Argot is my attempt at filling that gap, while simultaneously nurturing my own creative inclinations.

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